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Molten-Wow Cataclysm 4.3.4 launch

Lilred / Jan 26, 2013
Hello Everyone
We just got our first Official notice on the Molten-wow forums that we will be upgrading to Cataclysm 4.3.4

▪ Cataclysm 4.3.4 launch has been postponed until the end of February. This is necessary in order for us to complete our 6 month long Clustered Load Balancing system in the upcoming weeks and to allow for more time to fix known patch 4.3.4 bugs and improve the quality of some new dungeons available at launch.

"We advise to get ready for the upgrade now." Go Download version 4.3.4 Torrents but do not upgrade your current version and unzip it into a new folder.
1. Install uTorrents (or equivalent torrents app)
2. Go here:
Update: We could not get Molten-Wow's version to unzip. Use this version and let us know if you have any trouble.
3. Accept the security exception
4. After unzipping the game, download addons for version 4.3.4

“We will keep you updated when more information becomes available.”
Thank you. Lilred


why my present WoW has 28gb and this version has only 22gb? it's that bcs there are backups files from wotlk and others and this is pure cataclysm?
Hello I am not sure? Possibly a clean install uses less space and has less patch files. I have tested this version 4.3.4 on my test server and ir works, so there should not be a problem.

Regarding (valor points, honor, justice, conquest etc... ) being wiped out when the next patch comes.
This is inconclusive and just a rumor at this point.
I heard back from a Moderator Zelta and this was his response:

“We do not know what will happen to currencies yet.
When we do know, we will announce it on publicly on the forums.”

We just have to all wait until the Official announcement. As we find more information out, we will let you know.

Update from Molten:
Patch 4.3.4 update will take place on March 1, 2013. Community news covering inactivity cleanup, downtime, in-game content and post-launch expectations will be posted several days before the launch.
Also they posted a torrent that's only 11.5 GB
Okay Guys The Upgrade to 4.3.4 is happening now. We do not have any details yet as to which realms they are upgrading first. We will keep you informed as we know more details. You can always go to Molten-wow forums as well as facebook. Please send me a mail if you have any questions or need any help downloading. Thanks See ya on the other side Oh ya! lol
did I get i wrong or the very best items will now be available only for coins and cant be obtained in game ??
No, Items will be better ingame as we will be on 4.3.4 vrsion, but it may change as soon as the Donation items are added to Molten-Wow's Market Place shop. Prior to the upgrade, Some donation items were better only for coins. I assume this will be the case, once they add them to the donation shop. We will let everyone know, once we have more details.
Thanks Lilred

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